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Configures UK Combining IT Services into one simple solution.

Configures IT Solutions is a family run busines that specialises in unifying corporate IT services, it is very common for a business to have many providers for IT services and therefore having separate bills and support platforms. This is where Configures comes in as we believe that a business should be able to choose a company who provides them with all the services that they require and offer them a more bespoke solution. Our products are fully integrated with each other allow your services to be better converged.

We offer software development service which brings your visions to life, if you require a website, mobile or desktop application then we can provide you a bespoke solution that fits your requirements. Configures has an inhouse development team that also works closely with its other departments to create software to easily manage your services. We work closely with each customer to ensure that the software they want is the software they are getting, agile is the key to ensure software is up to date.

Our web hosting solutions are feature rich and great value, we offer cPanel for all customers as this is a familiar platform that the majority have used. We allow you to register and transfer your domains with us, therefore reducing the amount of existing services in favour for a more simplified billing solution. SSL certificates are important for securing and encrypting web traffic, it is common for put a SSL on the websites that you wish to protect. We also offer SSL for signing key services such as VPN, Hypervisors and securing applications, our SSL are vital for your of your business needs.

Do you an network that can handle all internal and external traffic, then enquire today about Configures Enterprise LAN services. We will build and manage your network and provide all of the support, we believe that your business is as only as good as its network, and if your business is lacking a fast, secure and reliable network then your business will suffer. We have a dedicated network team that can implement the network to take your business to the next level, if any faults occur then we can spot this early on and implement a fix straight away.

Configures IT Solutions can offer your business a cloud VOIP solution, whether you wish to go for a hosted solution and save the hassle of management or an onsite solution we have the product for you. Our VOIP services comes with a huge choice of telephone numbers with both geographic and nongeographic available, so choose the number that is right for you. We also offer a onsite PBX install allowing your business to communicate effectively with your employees collaborating with each other.

Join the Configures family and unify your IT services, with a large variety of services why not take advantage of unified billing. We are a family run business with a great attention to detail, we ensure that your busines requirements are met. Configures believes that each customer is a part of Configures Family and therefore dedicate 100% to each customer.

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