Enterprise Networks & Management

Reliable and Trustworthy Network Services for your Business

Configures IT Solutions are specialist in enterprise LAN for various different sectors, we believe that each customer is different and therefore we provide a fully unique service for every business. We design and implement secure and reliable enterprise LAN solutions that allow the customer to always be apart of their network. Our networks allow for secure connectivity from anywhere in the world. Customers come first and we pride ourselves with developing professional relationships with our customers.

We offer our customers a complete service from start to end, our networks are fully managed and this allows you to worry free about your IT. We monitor network performance and issues proactively to ensure that your network always remains available, if your network develops an issue we can raise a fault before service affects your business. We understand that corporate networks can change and we are happy to provide you with an agile network.

Edge Switches

The access layer in network is important to Enterprise networks as this gives everyday devices access to the network, whether servers, desktops or access point it is important to give your access layer the power that it needs. We offer switches up to 10Gbps ensuring your network performs without any performance issues, we utilise high speed uplinks with port aggregation to ensure your high speeds to the distribution and core.

Network core and distribution

This is an important part of your corporate network as this how your network fully connects together, utilising high speed links. We can provide high speed routing and centralised connectivity ensuring reliable and low latency network services. Require storage services we can provide your network with high speed SAN access with fast and efficient switching systems.

Routing and WAN

Configures IT Solutions can provide your business with a suitable routing device that is fully managed. We offer various types of business connectivity including from ADSL, FTTC and G.Fast, we also provide full fibre leased lines with speeds up to 1Gbps for those requiring uncontended high speed services. We can link your sites together to ensure that you have full connectivity and reduce the amount of hops between, therefore decreasing hop counts and latency. Give your business the WAN it deserves and futureproof your business.

Wireless Networks

Wireless is important in business networks as more devices are using Wi-Fi and employees moving away from static desks to pop up desks. Why run ethernet to places that may be underutilised, instead let us install and manage your wireless network, allowing your employees to connect to your corporate LAN without the having to plug a network cable in. This is also great as many business use smart TV's and other IOT devices for their business, so why not make it easy for all devices to get the network connectivity required. Our wireless networks can outperform LAN with smart and intelligent wireless access points, let your mobile devices run free.

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