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Managed Cloud Services

At Configures we understand that businesses are looking to move into the cloud but are unsure on how they would do this. Moving to the cloud is a complex process and this can put companies off as not all companies have the skills inhouse to feel competent about the migration process. The cloud can offer so much to a business such as running critical services to aid with daily business processes or offer a remote access solution to which their current infrastructure may be limited. Therefore we work with businesses to get them cloud ready without the worry.

Manage Cloud Solutions

The cloud can offer a business to much potential and therefore businesses should adopt the technology in their day to day processes. We are here for companies in Birmingham to get them ready for the cloud, we will take care of you throughout the entire project. We understand that it is important to listen to our customers requirements and then we can plan the cloud around these, communication is the key and we hold regular meetings with our customers as requirements can change at anytime, therefore it is important to give the customer what they want and need.

We will configure all of your virtual machines, networks, load balancing and services and any further maintenance required will completed with your consent. Configures will set up a link onsite in your office so that your employees can access these services, we will also provide demos and help to any employees to ensure that they are able to access these services and get the most from them. This is important as we want everybody to be comfortable with the services that we have configured so therefore we will do our best to ensure that your business is ready.

Cloud Services

We are experts in cloud and we work with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, we believe that these services help reduce complexity when designing and managing a customers cloud. Our engineers work with these technologies daily and this allows them to create some complex configurations that offer so much to the company who uses them. We also allow you to request temporary solutions allowing you to test inhouse developed software allowing you to mimic customer environments to conduct proper testing. Let us know of your requirements and we will make it happen, let us to take your business to the cloud.