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Configures IT Solutions is excited to announce the sale of Single Order Generic Ethernet Access, this is a new service from Openreach that allows for broadband connection without the need for a telephone line. This is known as Naked DSL in other countries and this no longer forces people to have a phone line if they don’t need it.

Traditional broadband requires the customer to take out Wholesale Line Rental along with the broadband and bundling them together or having separate providers of broadband and line rental is expensive. Configures will allow you to say good bye to your PSTN telephone service.

For those who still require a telephone then speak to us about our cloud based telephony that offers low cost calling and a huge range of telephone numbers to choose from. Openreach are planning to cease traditional telephony such as PSTN and ISDN so if you still require Landline like calling then speak to us today.

Please not ordering any Single Order Product will require an upgrade on the master socket

The Benefits of SoGEA

Choose from ADSL,FTTC and G.Fast connections, allowing you to choose various products with speeds upto 300mbps

SoGEA will change the way we have broadband delivered to your premises, you will no longer be forced to choosing line rental for a unused line

SoGEA is 50% quicker to install and comes with lower install and rental costs – Openreach

How to Order

Contact Configures IT Solutions and we can recommend the most suitable solution for your requirements, Rollout is operational throughout the UK so some areas may not be available today but don’t worry as they soon will be. This is currently in the Early Market Deployment stage with orders for SoGEA but you could be live within weeks.

Configures can offer reliable and affordable SIP Trunking therefore reducing your existing costs for telephone calls. Our SIP trunks will allow you to phase out your existing ISDN telephone lines and replace them for a converged solution, that is fully compatible with all internet connections. ISDN was always favoured because they allowed for concurrent calls, a feature that PSTN does not support. SIP Trunks come with a channel-based system allowing for concurrent calls over the SIP protocol.   This is favoured amongst many businesses as it will reduce costs and offers more flexibility than ISDN.

SIP Trunking Services in Birmingham

If you take a SIP trunk out with Configures then this will be instantly activated instantly with the option to add many extras which will enhance the functionality of the service. The SIP Trunks comes with 10 channels allowing your business to have 10 concurrent calls with the option to scale up and down on channels.  We also offer a free fraud prevention service to ensure that it is your business making the calls and not an attacker, allowing your business to stay secure against online attacks.  With calls to mobiles are 5 pence per minute and calls to landlines 2.5 pence per minute, our SIP Trunks and calls are very competitive.

All you need is an IP PBX system, whether this is hosted onsite on in the cloud give your telephony system a low cost calling solution that will help grow your business. Configures are fully capable of configuring your IP PBX or if you do not currently have one then we can suggest the best solution for your requirements. Onsite IP PBX makes calls with your data connection so as long as your connection has enough bandwidth then feel call all you want, for every SIP Trunk that we sell we offer a free WAN evaluation to ensure that you get the best and most reliable service.

SIP Trunking Solutions

Our SIP Trunks allow you to add as many DDI’s as possible, with multiple DDI’s this allows your business to give public telephone numbers to each employee. Therefore making it easier for customers to reach their representative, we have a wide range of telephone numbers for you to choose from and also allow you to choose different area codes to easily branch into a different area. We also offer premium numbers meaning that you can have a telephone number that is easy to remember which is good for a sales line, all premium numbers come with a 12 month contract to ensure the validity of these numbers.

Contact us today and speak to us about our SIP Trunking services, we can offer you low cost Trunking with great value calling. We are happy to evaluate your existing system and let you know if we can make any improvement, these would include collaboration and integration into other applications. We are always available to help with any issues regarding the SIP Trunk and we will do everything to get your calls back online.

If your business does not currently run its own IP PBX system but you would like to feel the benefits of these system in your business then we have the solution that is ideal for you. Our hosted PBX gives your business all the perks of a onsite system such as internal calling, extensions, huge selection of telephone numbers and Interactive voice response (IVR) allowing your customers to select the department that they wish to be transferred to. Hosted PBX are ideal for small businesses who do not want the complexity of configuring and managing their internal telephone system but require the advance features that an analogue line can not do.

Hosted IP PBX in Birmingham

It was known that business telephone systems to be implemented on site, but with the evolution of cloud computing and high speed internet. This now allows for cloud based telephone system that is accessible from anywhere in the world, therefore you will never miss a call again. You can use your smart phone as a client so therefore you never have to be confined to the desk to make and receive calls. Most fibre broadband connections are more than enough to ensure that you get high quality calls, if you require fibre broadband or leased lines then we are happy to discuss these with you.
You will be able to make mobile and landline calls from your extension and all external calls will show the DDI that you have assigned to that specific extension. This will allow your customers to see that number has dialed them so they can always return the call later on. You can have your own internal directory and therefore making it easier for your employees to collaborate with each other and increasing productivity. All configuration is done remotely so no engineer is required to set anything up your side so once you purchase the service you can go live with your calls.

Hosted PBX Low cost Calling

Our calls prices are low and affordable, to dial a mobile it is 5 pence per minute and to call a landline it is 2.5 pence per minute. Also all internal calls are free so allow your employees to collaborate at no extra cost saving you money. Your requirements will grow with your business and we allow for you to add and remove features easily, this gives you freedom and control over how your telephone system works. Investing in a cloud hosted PBX will future proof your business telephony as BT are planning to shut down ISDN and PSTN, it is now the best time to switch to a converged system that gives you more freedom, control, flexibility and affordability.

Configures IT Solutions specialises in Unified Communications and converged networks, this will allow your business to leave the legacy PSTN and ISDN behind. BT have announced the cease date for PSTN and ISDN so now is the perfect time to move to Voice Over IP (VOIP). Use your internet connection to route your telephone calls and see the benefits of a converged network. No longer are you required to maintain your network and landline cables, use your computer network for all of these needs.

  • VOIP
    • Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
    • Onsite PBX
    • SIP Trunks
  • Data Services
    • ADSL
    • Fibre Broadband
    • MPLS
    • Leased Lines
  • Landline Services

Onsite PBX

Choose to host your PBX and take advantage to an onsite exchange that can provide your internal network with greater performance. Internal calls will not have to be routed out to the internet, so you can achieve speeds of 100mbps or 1gpbs over your local area network. Apply quality of service policies and see how you can fine tune your network making sure that your voice traffic experiences no delay.

Hosted PBX

If you’re a small or medium business then you may wish for us to host your private exchange, we offer a secure service and our servers are regally maintained. Tell us how many extensions are required and we set this up within minutes. If you wish to add or remove an extension in the future then this is a simple change. Calls are free between extensions allowing you to call your colleagues for free.

Business Fibre and ADSL

Our Business broadband is delivered to you via ADSL or Fibre, Taking out broadband is a less expensive way to access all of your businesses resources. This can benefit small and medium enterprises as they require a data service but are not exceeding their bandwidth day to day. Combine broadband with our voice services to see the benefits of a fully converged network.

Leased Lines and MPLS

If your business requires you to connect multiple offices together with dedicated speed and performance then a leased line is recommended for you. VPN’s can achieve this but the problem is that you are not guaranteed the performance, this is why a leased line is the number one solution for this. If you are routing voice calls between sites then you can apply a quality of service policy ensuring that your phone calls face no disruption even if the sites are miles away.

Configures IT Solutions specialises in converged networks with Unified Communications. Allowing your business to migrate from PSTN and ISDN. With BT

announcing the cease date for ISDN and PSTN, now is a great time to migrate to Voice Over IP (VOIP). Utilise your internet connection to make telephone calls and see the benefits of a converged network. You are no longer required to maintain your network and landline infrastructure, use ethernet or wireless for all of these needs.

  • VOIP

    • Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
    • Onsite PBX
    • SIP Trunks
  • Data Services

    • ADSL
    • Fibre Broadband
    • MPLS
    • Leased Lines
  • Landline Services

Onsite PBX

Hosting your own PBX is recommended for large businesses who have their own teams, or if you are a small business then we can manage this for you. We will keep your exchange secure and this will provide you a reliable service. Your internal calls are not going to be routed through the internet so this will reduce your bandwidth to your ISP and you can achieve local area network speeds of 100mbps,1gbps or 10gbps depending on infrastructure. Make sure you apply the correct quality of service policy to ensure your calls face little delay.

Hosted PBX

Let Configures host your voice services if you are a small or medium business, this can reduce your management and maintenance costs. Our servers are secure and regularly maintained allowing you to worry free. Let us know how many extensions that you require and we can set this up within minutes. If you expand at a later date then you can easily add more. Internal calls are free between extensions allowing you to make as many as possible.

Business Fibre and ADSL

Configures IT Solutions can provide you business broadband over ADSL or fibre. Taking out business broadband can be better value for SMEs because they need to access the internet and remote resources but are not exceeding the bandwidth of their connection to justify for a leased line. Our voice services integrates with our broadband allowing you to make calls over the internet therefore sharing the same infrastructure of your local network

Leased Lines and MPLS

Your business may have multiple sites that need to be connected together, a VPN can be used but this does guarantee the performance as internet speeds are different throughout the country. A leased line can give your network the boost is needs, your remote sites will be connected via a dedicated line allowing you to route traffic between sites fast and effectively. You can reduce the cost of your voice services by having a PBX that looks after your sites, and the leased line will let you call other sites for free.


Configures IT Solutions specialise in both residential and business IT services. Ranging from IT Support, Software Development, Network services and Phone and Broadband. Configures focus on bringing all services together so therefore you don’t need to go to several companies for all your IT services. By unifying your IT this allows you to pay only for the services that you need, you get a simple and easy to use Control Panel allowing you to manage all your IT services in one place. Just watch the savings appear when you Unify with us with just one bill.

IT Support and Network Installations in Birmingham

IT support in Birmingham for both Businesses and Residential. Whether you are experiencing an unexpected issue with your computer or your business needs Real Time cover to keep everything running smoothly. Configures have you covered, with the latest technology Configures can monitor your systems performance and generate intelligent statistics. Therefore we can prevent any issues before they cause you problems.

If your IT systems are running smoothly, then Configures are keeping your business Worry Free from any errors that have developed. Our tools will alert us to fix them before you even know. Sometimes technology problems occur out of the blue, however if we cannot manage to sort your problem remotely then our team of engineers can provide onsite visits to your Home of Office to get you working again. Mac, Windows or Linux, we specialise in all Operating Systems from standalone, networked or server machines.

Managed Networks Birmingham

Configures can supply your home or office with the data services that are bespoke to you, whether your current wireless network is not performing as good as you like or you want a converged network that allows you to run multiple services over one connection; we have you covered. Our broadband packages will allow you to connect your new or existing network to the internet and other WAN services. We can provide you with ADSL and FTTC allowing you to achieve speeds of up to 80 mbps or if you require a connection with more oomph then our leased lines or MPLS connections are made for you.

Configures IT Solutions are proud to announce that they are now supporting Businesses In Wolverhampton. We have expanded from our Birmingham branch and now we are looking to give first class IT Support to Wolverhampton and the black country. Our experts are fully trained and provide world class customer service. We have a wide range of products just for you including, Managed Networks, Unified Communications, IT Support and Security. Unify with Configures and allow your business to carry on day to day without any problem.

Computer Support Wolverhampton

Computer Systems and IT Infrastructure are important to businesses, therefore its important that you invest in good quality IT Support and Systems. We are trained in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems so we can provide your server and desktops with the support they deserve. Configures know that managing IT systems can be challenging and tricky, so let us take good care of you.

Managed Networks and Installation Services Wolverhampton

We can manage your servers and services no job is too big, we will keep your servers available and secure by making sure that they are kept up to date. Why not speak to our experts about our managed networks and installation services. We can design and build you a reliable network that can make your IT work for you. Choose from a wired or wireless solutions, our engineers can advise you on the most suitable network infrastructure. If you require a connection to the WAN then talk to us about our Business broadband, Leased Line or MPLS Services.

If you would like to know more about Configures then give our agents a call on (0121) 392 2468 or use the contact form on our website. Our experts can provide you with all the help and support with all of your IT Systems. Configures offer a wide range of products and excellent customer service. Unify with Configures and let us be your one stop shop for all of your IT Needs.

Businesses in Coventry can now partner with Configures IT Solutions for their IT support and technical services. Coventry Businesses can now get Unified IT Solutions allowing them to have Worry Free IT. At Configures we are customer driven, we believe that good customer service is a must therefore all our staff are professional and helpful no job is too big. Choose from a wide range of support solutions including IT Support and Administration, Unified Communications and Managed Networks

Computer Support Coventry

Managing IT systems can be tricky but our team of engineers can take the stress out of IT allowing you to focus on the day to day running of your company. With Configures you will be investing in good quality IT systems, support and care. We are experts in Microsoft Windows, Apple and Linux with onsite and remote support available for you. Unify With Configures and see the benefits of worry free IT.

Managed Networks and Installation Services Coventry

Configures will keep your servers confidential, integral and available, we believe that your resources should be secure and if any vulnerabilities are found then it is vital to patch them. Our managed networks can save you time and money and give you the added benefit of stress less IT as we will manage them from a remote location or onsite if required. Wired or wireless networks, no job is to big and we can install and configure your infrastructure to your requirements. Let us connect your network to the internet or WAN with our Business broadband, Leased Line or MPLS Services.

Call us today on (0121) 392 2468 or send us a message via our contact form and our agents will get back to you. We can provide you with all the support that you require, let us take care of you IT so you can worry free. We are dedicated to great customer service so why not see what we can do for you.

Configures IT Solutions is proud to announce that they are now selling voice and data services, meaning that we are your one stop shop for all your IT needs. Voice and data has expanded our offerings to you so now you can choose hosting, Office 365 and broadband and you will get a simplified bill with all of your services. Voice and data also integrates with our managed network services, offering you a converged network with unified communications. This brings more products for you to choose from so unify with us and worry free.

We now can offer you broadband, leased lines and MPLS services, choose the product that is right for you. If your business requires a leased line or MPLS to connect your sites together we can provide you a circuit at great value. The advantage to using a leased line over a VPN is that you are guaranteed full service of the line and its dedicated to you. Apply quality of service policies making sure that important traffic faces minimal delay.

Your business may also require a ADSL or fibre broadband service to fail over if any outage was ever to happen, this can save your business time and money. Allowing you to get on with your day and without worrying about the lack of connectivity as you will still be able to access your services and the internet. An ADSL line can be used to manage your network from a remote location if you need to make a change when your out of the office, or a fail over connection that could also be used to load balance your network to achieve optimum performance.

With the rise of public Wi-Fi some businesses find it hard to split their network up efficiently and affordably because of their lack of network management skills, instead they can purchase a broadband connection to supply the public Wi-Fi. This also has the advantage as the wireless network will not be connected to the internal network therefore increasing your security.

Our Broadband and leased lines are future proof, we are IPv6 ready so you can access both the new network and the legacy IPv4 network. Configures can provide you with a /64 network, in English that means that you get 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 address that you can assign to devices on your local network. As the shortage of IPv4 addresses, moving to IPv6 is vital for technology and the economy, increasing devices are pushing the demand in addresses and IPv6 can deliver this.

Configures also offers integrated voice networks, this allows you to route calls over your internet connection. Why have separate network infrastructure for your landline and broadband, cut out the landline and cut out the restrictions that they impose on you. Connect your smartphone or PC to the voice network and you can receive calls when you’re on the go with your local number.

Unified Communications is here to stay and with BT shutting down the analogue telephone lines, it is now the right time to stay ahead of the game. Converge your home or business and see the advantages of Unified Communications. Our broadband and voice networks are easy to set up, you can be connected in minutes leaving you to browse, call and stream with excellent quality of service on your local network.

Pick up the phone and speak to one of our sales representatives about our voice and data networks, we have the product that you are looking for. Ask us about IPv6 and see how this can keep your network future proof and secure.

Why not unify your IT needs and take the stress out of IT so you can worry free.

Right know you are probably using a standard landline for your household or even your mobile phone. Well good news is that mobile telecommunications are not going away but unfortunately your telephone line is going to be switched off. You might not worry but for others this is a big deal. BT have confirmed that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) telephone networks are going to cease to exist. With not much information about this what can you do to stay connected.

A technology called Voice Over IP (VOIP) has been around for a number of years but with the switching off of the old analogue services this is going to be a buzzword in the coming years. VOIP is the future of telecommunications known as unified communications.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is when you converge all your services into once place, we currently have a phone network, data network and video/radio networks. With Unified Communications can converge all these into one network and offer a better service, therefore you can see the savings in time, money and complexity.

With the possibility of routing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and superfast broadband available, it allows you to have all your services available to you online. You have been using streaming services and OnDemand services already so the world is progressing to being unified. Why not Unify yourself and enjoy the benefits of a fully converged futuristic world.

Fixing the Social problem with the landline?

The landline has become a burden to many, most people are using mobile phones to make calls and the landline is hardly used. You may think the landline as a burden because its stuck in a static place and you cannot move when talking. The advantage to using VOIP is that you can connect this up to your smartphone and talk on the go. This really does allow you to take your Landline on the move, no longer are you confined to standing in the corner and being tangled up by wires. Use your Wi-Fi and make your landline mobile. If you receive a call on your local number then your phone will ring. Allowing you to be away from home to use your home phone, Therefore reducing the amount of missed calls.

Let’s Unify Together

Each device get their own unique line, cutting out the issue with transferring calls between phones and eavesdropping. Unify your communications and see the benefits of a converged service. Get one bill for all of your products and services, One Number Many Devices, choose as many extensions as you require, Email notifications and encrypted communication.