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VOIP and Future of Telecommunications

Right know you are probably using a standard landline for your household or even your mobile phone. Well good news is that mobile telecommunications are not going away but unfortunately your telephone line is going to be switched off. You might not worry but for others this is a big deal. BT have confirmed that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) telephone networks are going to cease to exist. With not much information about this what can you do to stay connected.

A technology called Voice Over IP (VOIP) has been around for a number of years but with the switching off of the old analogue services this is going to be a buzzword in the coming years. VOIP is the future of telecommunications known as unified communications.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is when you converge all your services into once place, we currently have a phone network, data network and video/radio networks. With Unified Communications can converge all these into one network and offer a better service, therefore you can see the savings in time, money and complexity.

With the possibility of routing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and superfast broadband available, it allows you to have all your services available to you online. You have been using streaming services and OnDemand services already so the world is progressing to being unified. Why not Unify yourself and enjoy the benefits of a fully converged futuristic world.

Fixing the Social problem with the landline?

The landline has become a burden to many, most people are using mobile phones to make calls and the landline is hardly used. You may think the landline as a burden because its stuck in a static place and you cannot move when talking. The advantage to using VOIP is that you can connect this up to your smartphone and talk on the go. This really does allow you to take your Landline on the move, no longer are you confined to standing in the corner and being tangled up by wires. Use your Wi-Fi and make your landline mobile. If you receive a call on your local number then your phone will ring. Allowing you to be away from home to use your home phone, Therefore reducing the amount of missed calls.

Let’s Unify Together

Each device get their own unique line, cutting out the issue with transferring calls between phones and eavesdropping. Unify your communications and see the benefits of a converged service. Get one bill for all of your products and services, One Number Many Devices, choose as many extensions as you require, Email notifications and encrypted communication.

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